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My name is Aurélie (oh-reh-LEE), or Ellie/ Elle for short. I’m a photographer and filmmaker based in Southwest Colorado. Home is in the countryside, somewhere between Telluride and Moab, with my partner Brandon, our two-year-old daughter Leona, and our dogs Daisy and Kitty Kitty (we don’t know how to tell her she’s actually a cat). When I’m not on a shoot or spending an ungodly amount of hours editing, you can find me mountain biking, hiking, snowboarding or planning which international border to cross next.

Creating natural, emotion-driven images is the passion behind my art. I get inspired by witnessing the love and connection between people, listening to their stories, and spending time in the immense beauty of nature that surrounds us. My main ambition is to capture authentic moments and craft a portrait of who you really are. Setting people up in rigid poses or recreating pinterest cliche is not really my thing- I want to create images that will make you feel something when you look at them. So if you value emotion over perfection, meaning over tradition, and authenticity over trends, I think you and I would get along!